A “sea dream” rental on Oregon’s North Shore, under the canopy of Manzanita


A “sea dream” rental on Oregon’s North Shore, under the canopy of Manzanita

Posted 4/18/22 at 4:12am PST
By employees of the Oregon Coast Beach Connection

(Manzanita, Oregon) – Amidst a sometimes foggy rainforest dense with lush greenery and towering ancient manzanita growth, you can occasionally hear the waves from here. It feels primeval on this side street in the cozy northern Oregon seaside town, if you don’t look at the other houses that are clustered around it – and that paved road. Coastal winds rustle or howl through these forests, depending on the season. And all of that sand and sea is just a handful of blocks away, a short walk.

A vacation rental takes that wooded beach vibe to a new level. It’s called Sea Dream and has an apt name. The home is dreamy in itself, blending into the woods with that inimitable weathered cedar that many Oregon coast buildings are known for. Inside and out, it has that effect on humans—even creatures other than humans. A review of the place said her dog didn’t want to leave.

Sea Dream, found through Sunset Vacation Rentals in Manzanita, is – as you guessed it – dog friendly. It also has two bedrooms, sleeps six and features an interior of finely polished wood mixed with bright white and an interesting, even slightly intricate, design.

Above all, this house is right in the middle: the dense forest and the beach ambience. Just outside, a large rear patio gives you access to all that dense forest canopy while also housing an inviting outdoor hot tub. Imagine taking in the stars under that leafy sky while taking a dip. Or dine al fresco in the morning just before heading to the beach.

There are two levels, with the upper one being particularly striking with its gigantic, semi-circular windows. From the outside they almost look like a cathedral. It is typical of this beautiful building on the Northern Oregon coast, which includes many skylights to let in even more of the atmosphere.

Inside, too, there is an island dining area adjacent to the fully equipped kitchen and main area, which has a cavernous feel with those high wooden beamed ceilings.

From the patio and back of the house, the long greens of the golf course are in full view, where you can lounge lazily and watch the putting or just watch the wildlife scurrying about.

Close by are the beaches of Manzanita: a long, gigantic strip of sand that begins at the foot of the towering Neahkahnie Mountain and descends a few miles to the end of the Nehalem Spit. The further you get past Nehalem Bay State Park, the more remote things get. For avid hikers, this is a must. For the casual beach-walker, the beach just in front of Manzanita offers more than a few diversions, including plenty of driftwood to build forts with — and sometimes people do unusually creative things on this beach.

Like the trippy monster shown above that happened in the early 2000s. At night it took on a grave, cryptic appearance; During the day it appeared as a whimsical creature.

A short drive from Sea Dream are the lookouts at Neahkahnie. On a clear day you can see 40 miles south to Oceanside, but on many days you can still see Rockaway Beach’s Twin Rocks.

For hikers too, trekking to the top of Neahkahnie is an even bigger must. The view there is almost breezy and uninterruptedly breathtaking.

All of Manzanita’s numerous shopping and dining wonders are in close proximity – after all, the town is not much more than a few blocks.

Sea Dream can be found through Sunset Vacation Rentals. See the Sea Dream link here. 1 (800) 883-7784


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