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Spring is officially here. Have you ever considered looking past the typical spring cleaning and thought, “A fresh coat of paint would look good here?”. There is no time like the present. Simple changes around the home can help you enjoy your home more, but these changes also increase its market value.

Whether you’re selling or just want to fix it yourself, here are some tips to help you increase the value of your home.

curb complaint

What’s the absolute first thing you see when you first walk into someone’s house? In front of course! In this case, the first impression is everything. Here are some relatively easy and inexpensive ways to clean your curb.

• Get the green in. There is a plant species for every climate. Do you live in a more temperate climate? A typical green lawn with some flowers will do. Are freezing winters a problem? Evergreen shrubs are easy to come by and look great any time of the year. Does the sun shine all year round in your area? Cacti, succulents and other warm-weather plants add an exotic touch to the front and are easy to care for. Adding fresh mulch or stone to your newly planted greenery will help make a good first impression.

• Solar powered pathway lights are also a great option. Illuminating the house at night makes it feel more inviting.

• Clean it up. Get rid of unnecessary clutter in the garden and clean out your gutters.

• Make your front door POP. Opt for a bold color that accentuates the home rather than blending in. Wreaths aren’t just for the holidays; You can find one for each season to add to your home.

Invest in the kitchen

If there’s one area in the house that you should focus on, it’s the kitchen and bathroom. These interiors can also make or break a deal as you try to sell or impress your friends.

In many cases, bathroom or kitchen remodels offer one of the most significant returns. If you have the budget, remodeling one of these two rooms is always a safe bet.

If a remodel isn’t in your budget, here are some more inexpensive ideas to improve those living spaces.

• Upgrade the little things little by little. This super nice shower head can step up your shower game and, as a bonus, reduce your water intake. Replacing cheap plastic drawer handles with sturdy metal handles makes a world of difference.

• Organize everything. There’s a reason videos on reorganizing spice racks and medicine cabinets are popular. Organized and uncluttered spaces convey a more luxurious feel than cluttered ones.

• Perceive an odor. A candle, wax melter, or reed diffuser can help create an instant atmosphere and complement the decor. If you don’t have counter space, air freshener sprays or plug-ins are also a great and quick way to add fragrance to rooms.

• Bidet or not bidet. The answer is always to get a bidet.

maximize space

Think footrests that double as storage, shelves that extend across the wall, and smaller construction projects. There are many ways to expand your living space with a little creativity.

• Make more space. Adding a wall between a larger room can add an entire bedroom or rip out a wall to create a larger living space. Expanding the home into unused yard space easily adds square footage to the home. If you don’t have the yard space, consider if there is a way to add attic space to the top floor using empty ceiling space.

• Mount your TV. Mounting a TV on the wall leaves more room underneath for other decorations, or more space to view upgrades like soundbars or video game consoles.

• Use your walls. As with mounting a TV, look for household items that you can hang on the walls instead of placing them on the floor, counter, or table.

• Reconsider pieces of furniture. Do you think the room needs a coffee table? Or is it just taking up unnecessary space? Rethinking traditional household items can save you a lot of space and money.

remodel the outdoor area

Now that we’ve already covered the curb, what about the outdoor areas? Creating inviting outdoor spaces adds a whole new element to the home – another room in a way.

• Consider a deck or patio. Adding a designated area for sitting and lounging adds a whole new level to your outdoor space. It’s also handy if you have a smaller home and have a gathering; You can cook and eat outside when the weather is nice.

• Don’t miss the shadow. In the scorching heat, you’ll want to find a way to escape the sun. Parasols, gazebos and even larger staggered parasols keep the sun at bay.

• Let it shine. Fairy lights, solar powered umbrellas with lights, or mountable lights help keep the outdoor space usable late into the night. You think you don’t need the light until you trip over the cooler.

• Finish it off with furniture. In your outdoor area you can switch off and relax, maybe read a book and enjoy an iced tea. You don’t want to do this standing up. Durable patio furniture is relatively affordable and easy to find. So go ahead and get those gravity chairs you’ve got your eye on.

Go modern

Energy-efficient appliances reduce your utility bills while you’re at home, but they also give you an edge when you decide to sell.

• Old appliances date your home. It’s easy to have a nice kitchen ruined by a straight out of the ’80s fridge. Upgrading one device at a time will help slowly bring your home into the 21st century.

• Modern does not mean expensive. There’s a device that will suit most budgets if you’re looking. The more affordable ones don’t have all the fancy features, but they work perfectly for what you need, look more up-to-date, and are within your price range.

• Add missing devices. A dishwasher may not be considered necessary by some, but it certainly comes in handy. Consider installing appliances that your current home doesn’t have if you have the budget. You can enjoy it, and when you decide to put your home on the market, it becomes another selling point.

Whether you’re selling or just looking to make your house more of a home, these tips and tricks can help you achieve your home improvement goals.


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