Are you having problems with your new property tax rate? We are here to help.


The cities of Portland and South Portland completed real estate revaluations this year and have just sent letters to homeowners informing them of their new tax rates.

As you may have guessed, almost everyone’s home values ​​were rising.

Now about a third of homeowners in both Portland and South Portland are facing higher tax burdens. If you’re one of those people whose new tax bill feels prohibitive, this week may have been especially stressful and Julia and I want to help you.

Would you just like to learn more about how re-evaluation works? We can help you become an accomplished property owner. Do you find the process unfair or the result inaccurate? We can help with an appeal, and you may need it, as certain deadlines for filing start next week. We can also see if your income, age, or other status qualifies you for a property tax credit.

We have over three decades of experience in the Maine real estate industry and we want to help whoever names this great state house. Call 207-838-1651 or email us [email protected] to get in touch. We love where we live!


9the Annual Broadturn Farm Dinner in aid of the Scarborough Land Trust

Thursday, August 26th

388 Broadturn Rd., Scarborough

The Ranello Group is a proud sponsor of this annual charity for the Scarborough Land Trust.

We are so happy to come together again and enjoy the abundance of this beautiful land.

Tickets go on sale next Thursday, July 22nd.

Further to as soon as possible – that will sell out quickly.

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