Bill would again allow local governments to regulate short-term rents | Local news


“That should be decided at the lowest level of government,” he said.

“It’s the mayors, the councilors,” Blackman continued. “These are the people who live in this area.”

Mesnard sees the question from a different perspective, however.

First, he said, it will create “a mishmash of regulations” between cities. But Mesnard said the bigger problem is that giving those decisions to mayors and councilors will trample “property rights,” which means individuals can use their homes the way they want – and make money renting them out to be able to.

Blackman said, however, that these are property rights of the people who live in the neighborhood, which is why these issues are best addressed by local officials.

“So if the church says they don’t want to do it, it’s a church decision, not a decision here in the state,” he said.

Mesnard said he saw the big complaint in these “party houses”. And he said there were ways to go about that.

Last year, for example, he suggested allowing municipalities to impose fines on owners who fail to provide the police and others with information to contact if there are problems with tenants. The measure would also have enabled cities to require minimum liability insurance.


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