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In Minnesota, we know we need to absorb the heat as best we can, which is why so many of us spend a lot of time on the water during the summer! But if you’re like me, you don’t own a boat. I still enjoy spending time on the water, but that means I need to find a rental car. Fortunately, there are some options right here in Rochester, MN and nearby.

We’re not just talking about kayaks or canoes. While these are cool and there are options for them, there are also options for motorized boats. So it all depends on how you feel!

Places to rent a boat near Rochester, MN

Boulder Dam Canoe and Kayak – Oronoco, MN

At Boulder Dam in Oronoco these boats do require a bit of work as they have canoes and kayaks that you can rent. My personal favorite are kayaks.

King’s Marina – Rochester, MN

Large pontoon boat anchored in the river


If you’d rather do a little less arm work, you can charter motorized boats at King’s Marina in Rochester! If you would like rental details, you must call them at (507) 367-4585.

Lake City Boat Rentals – Lake City, MN

mature man driving speedboat


Lake City Boat Rentals also has motorized boats that you can rent, but these are on Lake Pepin and the Mississippi River. They are located in Lake City and also in Wabasha.

Red Wing Marina – Red Wing, Minnesota

Robert Linder via Unsplash

Robert Linder via Unsplash

Red Wing Marina in Red Wing is another place near Rochester where you can rent a boat for the day. They even have one that’s only for four people. Most boats allow you to rent up to 13 seats, but if there are just the two of you it’s nice to have an option for four.

River Valley Marine – Red Wing, MN

Ashlyn Ciara via Unsplash

Ashlyn Ciara via Unsplash

River Valley Marine is another location in Red Wing where you can rent. You have four different boats to choose from depending on the number of people that will be coming with you.

Silver Lake Boat Rentals – Rochester, MN

Family in a canoe on a lake having fun


And finally in Rochester is Silver Lake Boat Rentals. Just like at Boulder Dam, they don’t have pontoons or anything like that, but you can rent canoes, kayaks, or paddle boats, which look super fun.

If you’re looking to spend even more time on a boat this summer, why not spend a few nights on a houseboat in Minnesota! Keep scrolling for details and pictures.

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A peaceful vacation awaits at this Minnesota houseboat on the Mississippi River

If you’re looking for a relaxing yet unique place to rent for a Minnesota vacation, consider spending a few nights on this houseboat! It’s on the Mississippi River and you can take a spin during your stay.


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