Bodega Bouquets | Eerdmans hosts Garden Soirée in honor of provocative flower show — Flaunt Magazine


If you’ve struggled through the seasons thinking that flowers of all things could never be political, acclaimed trendsetters from New York City are here to show you otherwise.

Eerdmans, a lover Trading center and archive for fine art and interiors in Greenwich Village, opened its doors on Tuesday for an invitation-only garden soirée to celebrate their latest exhibition called Bodega Bouquets.

The contemporary collection of lush pencil drawings by New York-born artist, author and gardener Abbie Essentially reminiscent of the often-overlooked floral arrangements on the shelves of delicatessens and supermarkets, Zabar brings an unexpected explosion of color and delicate foliage to almost every city block, transforming our concrete jungle carpet into an aesthetic feast.

Zabar’s twenty hand-drawn perennial flowers, presented in mason jars against a muted gray background, include tulips, zinnias, hyacinths, feverfew, dahlias, lilies of the valley and chrysanthemums. They visually and conceptually defy the pretense associated with lavish bouquets, as viewers are invited to appreciate simple, inconsequential flowers through the intentional eyes of a revered gardener.


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