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360 tour technology company Made snappy has grown rapidly over the past 18 months and while many realtors have recognized the benefits of 360 tours, some still fear that if they show too much of a property, they will deter someone from viewing. They would rather do a personal viewing and have the opportunity to sell the property to them. They also think it’s better customer service to present potential buyers in person.

Here, Mark McCorrie, Made Snappy CEO and Founder, shares his thoughts on and addresses such concerns.

I think agents have too often viewed technology as a ploy to get them out of their jobs rather than a tool to improve their performance. We have found that any reluctance to advances in technology like 360 ​​tours quickly turns into excitement when they see the tangible benefits of using it.

By making a property more accessible with a 360-degree walking tour, more potential buyers can view it than any real estate agent could manage personally, increasing the chance for business success. And those who want to tour a property after a virtual tour are much more highly qualified leads.

Agents using virtual tours have also said that the view counter, for example, is a really useful feature and a good indicator of how quickly a property is selling.

If agents are still concerned about losing leads, virtual tour software add-ons are available to help. You can “lock” a virtual tour so that viewers have to register their data in order to view it. This way, every potential buyer has instant access to viewing properties when they are away from the office and unavailable for viewings. However, they also collect the data of people who register to view the tours.

Some agents are also concerned about customer service as they feel it is better to guide customers in person, but virtual tours have advantages in that too. Imagine buying a property. They like the look of a house, but there isn’t a virtual tour on the Rightmove list. You call the agent in the morning and he is unable to attend a viewing for three days because he is busy viewing. You come to the house, but the bedrooms are smaller than expected and the garden isn’t great either. The photos in the Rightmove list looked great with the wide angle lenses used, but personally, it wasn’t quite what you’re looking for.

They like the look of another home on Rightmove, and there is a virtual tour of the listing. You open the tour and look around. The house looks great so call the agent the next morning to book a viewing. You go on a tour and it looks just like the tour. You make an offer for the property.

Some would say that the traditional on-site viewing approach reveals a lack of customer support, with people driving around a city or county at an inconvenient time to view a property while instead being able to see it without leaving their home.

There is also a customer service element that comes into play from the supplier side as well. Those with young children who like to hand out toys around the house and smear jam on surfaces at every opportunity are far more inclined to appreciate an agent who offers virtual tours. An agent who books three viewings ensures that the seller tidies and cleans the property three times. When the agent pre-qualifies these viewers through virtual tours, they are more likely to lead to offers rather than simply wasting the seller’s time because the home “doesn’t look like the photos”.

People do business with people, and there will always be a need for people to sell and rent real estate, but technology can improve and improve the process, not replace it. Using people and computers to deliver what they do best can lead to better customer care for everyone involved.

I started using virtual tours in my agency for the first time in 2018. This reduced my viewing to rental ratio by around 40%. After it revolutionized my business, I sold it to focus on getting the technology in the hands of more brokers and giving more real estate hunters a better viewing experience.

Since then, agents have used Made Snappy’s technology to save over £ 30,000 a year in their branch, have a negotiator for 600 properties under management, receive instructions, and sell properties with fewer visits and less administration. They are the future of this industry, and the more agents offering virtual tours, the better the real estate market will be for everyone.

* Mark McCorrie is the CEO and Founder of Made Snappy


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