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MELBOURNE, Australia, April 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to fastest growing events tech company, HeadBox, 3D technology is an impressive piece of technology that allows venues to shed light on all the benefits of using their spaces for business Guests. With the top venues across Melbourne listed on the HeadBox Marketplace, unlocking brilliant events for bookers, businesses and venues is easy.

HeadBox 3D event tours are an excellent sales and marketing tool for any venue across Melbourne and have become even more important since the pandemic began, when strict lockdowns temporarily closed venues across the industry and barred on-site visits. Unlike standard photos and floor plans, a virtual 3D model of a venue allows for presentation to bookers from anywhere in the world. HeadBox 3D drives up to 48% more digital engagement and a 7% higher conversion rate. HeadBox 3D saves venues and bookers time and money, making it an invaluable sales and marketing tool.

HeadBox 3D enables venues to market to national companies and presents venues as more professional, higher quality and more credible to bookers. For Melbourne venues to stay ahead of the curve, HeadBox says they need to provide instant information that is mobile accessible and optimized so bookers can find all the information they need with little effort. As HeadBox explains, 3D technology unlocks event marketing in a seamless way, and bookers can access information anytime, anywhere.

For bookers looking for a Melbourne venue, 3D technology also allows them to better manage suppliers as they can use the models to determine which areas of the venue are suitable for specific aspects, such as branding opportunities . Virtual technology reduces the need for further on-site visits and is an excellent tool to map out the flow of an event.

HeadBox 3D models can be embedded into a venue’s website, social media, and sales pitches to increase digital exposure and reach potential customers who may not have considered the venue. Additionally, 3D technology allows bookers to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing unnecessary travel to venues for physical on-site visits, as an in-person viewing may only be required during the final decision-making phase.

Interested in learning more about 3D technology or looking for a venue in Melbourne? Contact HeadBox today at [email protected]

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