Free health checkups in April at Hy-Vee


10:00 A.M | Saturday April 16, 2022

A new health initiative organized by Hy-Vee is helping local residents get vital information about their health in just one visit to the grocery store.

In April, local Hy-Vee stores are providing shoppers with resources focused on blood sugar and overall health. Events held by registered dietitians will focus on virtual tours of health stores, meal kit demonstrations and A1C screenings.

“A1C screenings can test not only for diabetes but also for prediabetes, and many people may not even know they have prediabetes,” says registered dietitian Alea Fite. “It doesn’t hurt if you have the opportunity, as we do here, to have your A1C checked. If you have a family history of diabetes or similar, that’s another reason to get it checked out.”

Results are provided immediately after a test, and Hy-Ve nutritionists are then best able to assist you in providing nutritional strategies to improve or maintain overall health. The primary goal of this initiative is to help customers learn the basics of purchasing balanced meals that best serve their health and gaining information on blood glucose management.

People can drop in during pharmacy hours to get tested for conditions like prediabetes, which are available free of charge throughout the month of April. Participating stores include locations in Robbinsdale and New Hope, and there are also free virtual events you can take advantage of.

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