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The Kaua’i County Office of Economic Development announced the recipients of its innovation grants for fiscal year 2021-2022.

After receiving 16 proposals for the Innovation Grants, OED invited the public to review the proposals and provide feedback as part of the review process. This public feedback fed into the scoring and was a valuable part of the selection process.

A selection committee reviewed and evaluated the eligible projects and selected eight proposals for funding totaling $370,718. Below is a list of these projects.


· Ho’omalu Ke Kai & Kaua’i Sea Farm – Securing hatchery supply for restorative aquaculture project.

Sustainability & nature conservation

· Garden Island Resource Conservation & Development, Inc. – Demonstration project designed to show how a regional collection and transportation infrastructure can make large-scale municipal composting viable while diverting waste.

· National Tropical Botanical Gardens – Project to propagate ferns from spores to actively contribute to ecosystem restoration projects and improve fern viability.

small business

· CG Foundation – Common Ground Incubator to create a pipeline of new businesses to create innovative products and markets.


· Dev-Island Inc. – Project will pilot first class of Kaua’i residents in hands-on programming course to train islanders to become remote workers for technology companies.

· Kaua’i Economic Development Board-Ho’ākeolapono HVAC Training and Certification Program – The project provides professional training and education for high school seniors and young adults in HVAC and refrigeration.

Visitor industry/cultural and other initiatives

· Kauai Museum Association, Ltd. – Creation of a series of virtual tours based on new exhibits coming out in 2022 and 2023.

· Equine Therapy, Inc. – Healing Horses Kaua’i Therapeutic Driving – The project will offer its services wheelchair accessible via accessible carriages and certifications for local instructors in therapeutic driving and horseback riding.

The intent of OED’s innovation grants is to support new programs or projects that drive innovation by identifying and solving local problems. Proposals were accepted in the areas of small business, technology, transportation, agriculture, local manufacturing, circular economy and tourism in Kaua’i County. The goal of the grants is to provide funding for innovative projects to generate short- and long-term economic growth and diversification on Kaua’i.

The Office for Economic Development is offering innovation grants for the second time.

To learn more about the innovation grant proposals, you can consult the proposals at


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