Mazda has renovated its Hiroshima Museum and you can take a virtual tour


Mazda announced today that the brand museum at its headquarters in Hiroshima, Japan, has been renovated. As it opens to the public on May 23, you can visit today even if you live thousands of miles away.

The museum will continue to showcase the brand’s historic vehicles with exhibits dedicated to Mazda’s history going back to the very beginning. However, the spatial design has been revised to create a more beautiful space that is elegant and cozy, says the automaker.

The new design features monotonous color schemes coupled with warm lighting and wood finishes, all aligned with the design concepts it uses in its vehicles. As visitors move through the museum, they are presented with a narrative experience that traces the history of the brand and carries it into the future. It expresses the thought that has gone into every Mazda vehicle over the past hundred years and how the brand will continue into the next century.

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There are 10 zones in total plus an entrance hall that embodies the style of the Mazda brand and showcases the latest models. The automaker will continue to offer factory tours. The zones are:

Zone 1
1920 – 1959: Origin of the Monotsukuri spirit (car making).

Zones 2 and 3
1960+: Pioneer to diversified vehicle manufacturer (1)

zone 4
Motorsport: A global challenge for Mazda, its prestige and its technology

Zones 5, 6 and 7
1960+: Trailblazer to diversified vehicle manufacturer (2)

zone 8
Technology: Mazda’s human-centric Monotsukuri

zone 9
Tour of the vehicle assembly line

zone 10
Mazda’s vision for the next 100 years

If you don’t expect to be in Japan any time soon, you can still visit the updated website Museum via virtual tours meandering through the museum thanks to an impressive drone control system. The Mazda Kids Channel, meanwhile, offers explanations about the automotive industry and car manufacturing aimed at a younger audience.

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