Namibia: NHE houses “60% cheaper”


Okakarara – National Housing Enterprises claim their homes are 60% cheaper than the private sector, however affordability remains a challenge due to sky-high land prices.

NHE spokesman Eric Libongani made the remarks yesterday during the handover of 40 houses built by the Okakarara public entity, as part of a public-private partnership agreement.

Libongani also pleaded with local authorities to make serviced land available at more affordable prices.

“Our interaction with local authorities is progressing well. NHE has received land from some local authorities without paying a dime. We have acquired around 547 plots in Katima Mulilo in the Zambezi region. We are looking for more collaborations with local authorities as they will benefit more in the long run in the form of taxes, rates and livelihood improvements, ”he said.

Low-income people continue to experience difficulties in accessing loans from financial institutions due to a lack of collateral and a low income base, thus being marginalized in terms of access to affordable and decent housing.

On the same occasion, Deputy Minister of Urban and Rural Development Nathalia / Goagoses said the Namibian economy is among the hardest hit and the state budget has been redirected towards responding to Covid-19 and despite the loss of income, inflation rates have increased. path.

According to her, there has been a drop in demand for housing, due to the loss of income of citizens, who have lost income due to layoffs or business closures.

“These unprecedented cause and effect scenarios only worsened our situation in providing housing, funds that could have been used for land servicing were redirected to save lives, development sector companies real estate could not buy serviced land, leaving those who demanded homes in a never-ending dilemma, ”said

/ Goagos.

She said Namibia is deliberate in providing housing and the government’s goal is to strategically position housing to play an important and meaningful role in the implementation and achievement of Namibia’s Vision 2030. She added that NHE is far from reaching the homes targeted for the year 2030, and called for better strategies to speed up construction.

“The creation of NHE aims to reduce the backlog of housing construction, which stood at over 100,000 units, and through NHE, we have set ourselves the goal of building 47,622 houses by 2030. The strategic plan of NHE ends in 2022/23, by then, leaving us seven years until 2030, ”she noted.

Next week, NHE will hand over 72 houses in Karibib and the following month more than 77 houses in Keetmanshoop.

/ Goagoses pointed out that NHE can only carry out these initiatives when affordable land is available:

“I call on all sub-national structures to engage the NHE in finding the best solution when selling land. The NHE should not be treated as a developer in a for-profit housing market, but as a strategic partner helping the government build affordable housing for the low-income group, ”she said.

Otjozondjupa Regional Council President Marlene Mbakera noted that the governor has embarked on a vigorous program of accelerated land delivery to all local authorities in the region, and that they plan to make available around 6 039 plots.

Representing the beneficiaries, Jessica Nandova said 2021 was her year of blessing despite the persistent pandemic. According to her, she will never forget NHE and the financial service providers for making her dream come true.

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