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How hot is the Owensboro housing market?

In the first six months of 2021, local realtors sold 939 homes for a total of $ 181.2 million.

In the same period last year, they sold 796 homes for $ 136.3 million.

Last month, local agents sold 193 homes for a combined total of $ 38.1 million.

The median price was $ 174,000.

The average home was sold within 57 days of the listing and 144 homes were still on the market at the end of the month.

In June 2020, they sold 171 homes for a combined total of $ 31 million.

The median price was $ 150,000.

The average apartment was sold in 81 days and at the end of the month there were 184 left on the market.

• Hayden Construction received planning permission last week for a bubble tea restaurant on 3230 Kidron Valley Way.

• The state has awarded the Owensboro Riverport Authority $ 34,807 for the purchase of a compact tracked loader for daily handling of bulk materials.

It will be used on the new spud barge for marine construction activities and will be one of three loaders used for day-to-day operations, according to a press release.

• Deloitte LLP predicts back-to-school purchases will exceed $ 32.5 billion this year.

That’s about $ 612 per student.

And it’s 16% more than last year when most courses were still online.

Another $ 26.7 billion is expected to be spent by college students.

That’s about $ 1,459 each.

• Tropical Smoothie Café, now located in Owensboro, continues to expand.

It opened 38 locations in the second quarter and signed 105 franchise agreements.

So far this year the chain has opened 63 stores, signed 200 franchise agreements and is well on its way to opening 130 stores this year.

It currently has more than 975 locations.

• Black Friday is turning into the 20th century.

According to a survey by Sitecore, 34% of us intend to start shopping for Christmas by Labor Day.

And 53% of stores move their campaigns earlier in the year.

The survey found that only 60% of stores are planning a Black Friday promotion this year.

That is 17% less than in the previous year.

And 80% said Black Friday was out of date.

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