Truck rentals increase 3 to 4% in December


Chennai: Truck rentals on long-haul routes rose 3 to 4% in December, even though diesel prices did not go up. According to the latest report from the Indian Foundation of Transport Research & Training (IFTRT), 15-20% more fresh fruits and vegetables have entered APMCs.
“Factory production and exports have also remained buoyant, which has helped truckers generate solid revenues for the past two quarters,” said SP Singh, Senior Fellow & Coordinator, IFTRT. What has also helped to improve the margins of the transport companies is the switch to CNG. “There has been a large-scale migration of 10-15.5 tons of medium and light commercial vehicles from diesel fuel to CNG, which has further helped fleet owners in this category make more money per ton / km,” said Singh.
The price of diesel remained unchanged in December, and the boom in the overall economy in agribusiness, trade and industry, including exports, enabled truck rentals to rise, the report said. Long-distance routes such as Delhi-Mumbai-Delhi, Delhi-Chennai-Delhi, Delhi-Hyderabad-Delhi and Delhi-Kolkata-Delhi saw rental rates rise 4% between November 1 and December 31. Routes like Delhi-Bangalore-Delhi are on the up 3%. In real terms, this is an increase of Rs 5,000 – Rs 6,000 per round trip.



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